How Do You Fade a Baseball Cap?

A new baseball hat tends to be stiff and uncomfortable, and many people prefer the look of an worn-in hat. Fortunately, fading and distressing a baseball cap is quite easy to do. To prepare for the fading process, wet the bill of the hat. Bend it, rolling it between your hands, until you get the desired shape. Then, use the following steps to age your hat.

  1. Spray the hat with a bleach solution

    For a dramatic fade, mix 1/4 cup bleach with 2 cups water. For a more subtle fade, use more water. Spray the hat lightly with the bleach mixture, watching to make sure it does not fade more than you want it to. If you are fading an older baseball cap that has cardboard in the brim, remove the cardboard, or take measures to ensure that the cardboard remains dry.

  2. Rinse and dry the hat

    Rinse the bleach solution off of the hat immediately under cold running water. Let the hat air dry.

  3. Sand the edges of the hat

    Use lightweight sandpaper to sand the edges of the hat’s bill, around any grommets, over the seams or around the edges of the hat itself. Fraying the seams with a knife or razor blade also ages the hat nicely.