How Do You Find the Factors of 60?

Find all the factors of 60 by identifying each integer that divides evenly into 60. Begin by finding two factors, such as four and 15. Then find the factors of these factors. Four would divide into one, two and four. Fifteen would divide into one, three, five and 15. recommends keeping a table of the factors as you identify them. This can help you avoid duplications in your answer.

If you do not know any factors of a number, you can use a testing process. Divide 60 by one. Then divide 60 by two. Then divide it by three. Continue until you find a repetition in your factors. With 60, when you test six, you learn that 10 is a factor. After you test nine, you know that you have all of the factors of 60 because you already identified 10 as a factor.