How Do You Fact-Check Information on Snopes?

Snopes offers a search bar that allows users to search through the website for fact-checked information. Snopes keeps a large repository of research into popular urban legends, viral media stories, rumors and other dubious information. Anyone can search the Snopes database to view the investigations Snopes performs, and all content on Snopes is available to read without charge.

After visiting, users can browse through newly researched stories on the front page or view them on the Fact Checks page. A search bar is present on both the Fact Checks page and home page. Typing in the name of a rumor or legend, names of individuals involved or other related information reveals a list of search results. When selected, these results expand into articles written by Snopes staff on the topic at hand.

Snopes keeps a recent list of investigated rumors and legends and a Hot 25 list of the most popular. Users can submit rumors to Snopes for investigation via the Send Us a Rumor link located on most pages. Users can also submit videos or photos to Snopes for investigation. Snopes may use submitted videos or photos in published investigations, should it decide to pursue a user’s lead.