Why Do Your Eyes Water in the Morning?

A main cause of watery eyes in the morning is blocked tear ducts. However, an excess production of tears can also lead to watery eyes and is associated with many ocular issues, including infections, allergies, dry eye syndrome, sinusitis and trichiasis, according to Merck Manual. The medical term for watery eyes is epiphora.

Tears are manufactured in the lacrimal glands, which are situated on the outer section of the upper eye, notes Merck Manual. Tears from this gland enter the lacrimal sac and then drain into the nasolacrimal ducts. Blocked or narrow tear ducts develop when tear ducts are unable to drain properly, leading to excess tears that can get trapped in the tear sac, states Medical News Today. This condition can lead to infections. Many factors can lead to blocked tear ducts, including congenital issues and tumors.

Over-production of tears is another cause for watery eyes. The main factors that can lead to excess tears are different eye problems. Bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, dry eyes, eye trauma and allergies to irritants can lead to this symptom. Excess tear production can also be linked to underlying medical conditions, such as thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory disorders, reports Mayo Clinic. Treatment for watery eyes depends on the specific cause and extent of the condition.