How Do I Get Extra Credits in High School?

Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

To get extra high school credits, students need to take online classes, summer school or credit recovery classes. Credit recovery classes may be through a local community college or through schools specializing in credit recovery.

According to The American Academy, students can take online classes to make up just a few credits or even an entire semester. Students choose appropriate classes and work at their own pace. Classes are taught by licensed teachers. These classes can also be used for early graduation or to augment the existing high school curriculum. Students usually have to pay to take online courses.

Summer school is another option. According to Fremont Unified School District, many schools prefer students take summer school for credit recovery. Summer schools usually only feature condensed core classes. Students usually do not have to pay for summer school.

Students can also attend classes especially for credit recovery. Portland Community College among others offers precollege classes that function as credit recovery courses. These classes are generally from the core curriculum, focusing on math, reading and writing. Students can also attend alternative high schools. These schools employ licensed teachers who guide students through the curriculum. However, study is self-paced and usually centered on a technology-based curriculum. Students may or may not have to pay for alternative high schools, depending on the program.