What Do Expert Reviews of Douglas Tires Say?

Manufactured by Goodyear and its subsidiaries, Douglas tires are less expensive but comparable in quality, according to CarsDirect. There is almost no difference when it comes to quality standards between normal brands and off brands since almost every off-brand tire is manufactured by a normal-brand tire company.

Douglas tires are made in Kelly-Springfield Tire Company factories, which is a division of Goodyear. Douglas is simply the brand that Goodyear and Kelly Tires manufacture for sale in Wal-Mart stores. Since it is essentially Goodyear and Kelly Tires that make Douglas tires, one should look at the quality of Goodyear and Kelly tires to accurately assess the quality of Douglas tires. Goodyear is a well-respected tire manufacturer whose Assurance TripleTred All-Season tire is considered to be the best all-season car tire, according to Top Ten Reviews. Superior tread design, high standards of safety, exceptional levels of traction on wet and dry surfaces, and an extended tread life are some of the factors for which critics praise Goodyear tires. Kelly tires are also highly-regarded by critics. Kelly’s flagship tire, the Kelly Explorer Plus, is considered a versatile, high-performing tire that provides a smooth, enjoyable ride. The Kelly Explorer Plus receives high marks at Tirebuyer.com for its traction across many different surfaces and its comfort. Potential purchasers of Douglas tires can reasonably expect quality similar to that of TripleTred All-Season and Kelly Explorer Plus tires.