What Are Some Expensive Beanie Babies?

As of 2015, Princess, Mystic, Peace, Humphrey and the royal blue Peanut are some of the most valuable Beanie Babies, according to eBay. All of these Beanie Babies are highly popular amongst collectors.

Princess is a purple bear with a white rose embroidered on the left side of its chest and a violet ribbon around its neck. Ty first produced this Beanie Baby in 1997 as a tribute to the deceased Princess Diana. The proceeds from the original bear went to the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Foundation.

Mystic is a white unicorn. The first-generation mystic with a fine mane is harder to find than the version with the thicker mane, so it is generally worth more. Most versions of Mystic have a brown horn. The version with the iridescent horn is highly sought after by collectors.

Peace is a tie-dyed teddy bear with a multi-colored peace sign embroidered on the left side of its chest. No two Peace Beanie Babies are alike, as the tie-dye process gives each one a slightly different coloring.

Humphrey is a brown camel with a single hump on its back. It is one of the first Beanie Babies Ty ever produced and one of the first to be retired.

Peanut is an elephant that comes in gray, purple, light blue and deep royal blue. The royal blue Peanut is the most valuable. The Beanie Babies Price Guide lists it as one of the rarest, most sought-after Beanie Babies.