How Do You Get Exp Share on “Pokemon Pearl”?

Nadia Priestley/Flickr/CC-BY-3.0

The Exp. Share item, which allows Pokemon holding it to gain experience even if they aren’t used in battle, can be found in both Jubilife City and Eterna City. It is possible to get both of them in one game. Players will need at least 30 Pokemon to obtain the one in Eterna City, and having a large collection of Pokemon helps to increase the odds of getting the one in Jubilife City.

  1. Visit Eterna City after adding at least 30 Pokemon to the Pokedex

    Once at least 30 Pokemon have been observed and entered into the Pokedex, the player should travel by way of the Cycling Road or Route 26 to Eterna City. Professor Rowan’s assistant can be found in the building at the entrance to the city, and he will give the player an Exp. Share when this is accomplished.

  2. Visit Jubilife City

    To obtain the second Exp. Share, players should first make their way to Jubilife City. It can be accessed from Routes 202, 203, 204 and 218. Once at Jubilife City, head for the television station.

  3. Play the lottery

    Inside the television station, players will find the Pokemon Lottery Corner. Each day, a random lottery number will be drawn. If the first three digits of the ID number of a Pokemon that the player owns matches the digits in the random number, the player will win an Exp. Share.