What Exercises Get Rid of Midriff Bulge?

Boston Globe/Boston Globe/Getty Images

According to BodyBuilding.com, the best exercises to reduce the midriff bulge are those that work all of the core muscles, such as crunches, leg lifts, twists and bends. Combining core workouts with cardiovascular exercises and healthy eating trims and strengthens the midriff muscles while burning off excess fat.

BodyBuilding.com recommends a beginner program with several core workouts. For example, the site suggests rotating the core abdominal exercises in the workout plan 2 to 3 times per week. Its exercise guides explain each movement, the area it works and the number of sets and reps. Video demonstrations are provided for every exercise with specific instructions, plus the user can choose either a male or female performing the exercise in the video. Bodybuilding.com emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits in order to shed fat in the abdominal area

Calisthenic Exercise offers a list of cardiovascular exercises, which when performed for 10 to 20 minutes per day help raise the heart rate sufficiently to burn excess calories and increase metabolism. Calisthenic Exercise suggests simple, cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, skipping rope and jumping jacks. These exercises can be completed at home. Calisthenic Exercise promotes nine cardio programs, and lists three diet plans to improve nutrition and healthy eating.