What Are Some Exercises That Help With Dizziness?

Hitoshi Nishimura/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

Two exercises that can help with dizziness and vertigo include the Epley maneuver and the Half Somersault Maneuver, according to the University of Colorado at Denver. Both exercises are used to rearrange displaced gravity-sensing particles in the ear.

The Epley maneuver is the most common method of treating dizziness and vertigo, notes UC Denver. While the exercise can be done at home, performing it correctly often requires the expertise and assistance of a physical therapist or doctor. If not executed correctly, the maneuver can make the condition worse and lead to more dizziness as the person is performing the maneuver. As of 2015, the exercise has proven to be effective in roughly 90 percent of patients.

The Half Somersault Maneuver is better suited for at-home use, according to the UC Denver. Fewer complications and less dizziness are often experienced with this exercise, and it also helps to save money on having to visit a physician or physical therapist to receive treatment.

Vestibular rehabilitation can also help treat dizziness and other inner ear problems, notes The New York Times. Exercises are customized to each individual and include jumping, turning in circles, lying down, sitting up and eye exercises. The exercises are performed at home.