What Are Some Examples of Wording on a Retirement Plaque?

Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some examples of the wording on a retirement plaque is “Presented To (followed by the recipient’s name),” “In Appreciation Of” and “Best Wishes.” Retirement plaques should be worded in a manner that conveys gratitude and special feelings for the retiree.

When an employee announces their retirement after a number of years with a company, a retirement celebration is usually planned to give them a big send-off. A retirement plaque is a thoughtful gift which they can keep as a remembrance of their time with the company.

The plaque can be simple or ornate. One should keep in mind, however, more information and well wishes can fit on a larger plaque. Basic information includes the recipient’s name, their dates of employment, and some sentiment of appreciation. Usually, the company’s name along with its logo appear at the top of the plaque.

It is common for the plaque to be engraved brass, mounted on a polished wood surface. For companies who prefer a more modern look, a retirement plaque may be on plexiglass, or even gold engraved on black metal. Sometimes, the plaque’s material is representative of the number of years that the employee has been with the company. For example, a bronze plaque may represent 15 years, while a gold one would be for a more significant amount such as 30 years.