What Are Examples of Unethical Issues?

The examples of unethical issues include acts that fail to recognize certain human rights, such as failing to tell the patient that he has lung cancer, because the doctors do not know what type of cancer it is, deliberate deception, violation of conscience, failing to honor commitments, unlawful conduct as well as disregard of agreed upon policies. Such acts are dominated by lies and fraud in different walks of life.

Scandalous behavior is selfish and usually affects other people in the society. Deliberate deception includes taking credit for something that another person did, sabotaging some other person’s work or even misrepresenting the truth about something. Its nature is using trust given by a person to undermine his security and rights. It results in retaliation and conflict, and in business, deceived customers can file for lawsuits.

Violation of conscience is when one is made to do something that is against his conscience due to threats or coercion. It also includes unethical issues such as sexual harassment. Failing to honor commitments can lead to distrust in the future and unwillingness to cooperate. Unlawful conduct can cost a person or even an organization through fines and lawsuits. Disregard of agreed upon policies shows an element of untrustworthiness, and this affects relationships in a negative way.