What Are Some Examples of Symbols That Represent Change?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 14, 2020 11:36:15 PM ET

Some examples of symbols of change are images that represent rebirth or renewal, such as bees, doves, open gates and doors, spirals and bathing in clean water. Another kind of symbol for change is one that represents complete transformation, such as butterflies, bears, swans and the changing of the seasons.

Some symbols that correspond to a positive change or change that is necessary are images of the budding of a plant or flower, the sun, the moon and a bird in upward flight. While there are symbols for positive change, symbols for negative or unexpected change also exist, such as an image of a bird in downward flight, ravens or crows, lightning or storms and images of large waves. Other symbols for negative or sad life changes are images of falling leaves or images that correspond to death or graveyards.

There are a few mythical creatures that symbolize change that creates irreversible conflict. For example, a mermaid or siren is half woman and half sea creature, and her purpose is to seduce a person and disrupt or take his life. Another example is the werewolf, a being who changes from a man into a violent and uncontrollable hybrid of a man and a wolf.