What Are Some Examples of Stone Age Clothing?

DEA PICTURE LIBRARY/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

According to one research study, Stone Age (Paleolithic and Neolithic) people dressed in clothes made from sheep and cattle hair. A man frozen in ice and discovered by scientists in 1991, dubbed “Oetzi,” wore a coat, leggings and moccasin shoes.

Comparisons between clay fossil records and Stone Age “Venus” figurines have revealed that weaving was more sophisticated during the upper Paleolithic period — about 25,000 years ago, also known as the “old stone age” — than previously thought. In western Europe, women’s clothing included waist belts, basket hats and “bandeaus,” which were strips of cloth wrapped around the body, just above the breast.

Woven garments such as these were likely an indication of social status among Stone Age women.