What Are Examples of Slander Cases?

An example of a slander case would be a case where a businessman spoke negatively about an associate to one of his associate’s competitors by spreading lies and rumors that cost the associate the sale. A slander case is a defamation case where spoken statements are made about a person or company that are false yet pretend to be factual and that cause damage to the person or company states Cornell University Law School.

A defamation court case involves either slander or libel and is a case that is brought forth whenever a person or a company feels that they have been harmed grievously by another person or company states Cornell University Law School. Libel is when written statements are made by the person or company. In all cases, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the statement was false yet was posing as fact, that the damages have caused irrevocable harm, that it is the defendant is at fault and that the slander or libel was communicated to a third party writes Cornell University Law School.

Other examples of a slander case would be if a school teacher spoke to a principal about an applicant and said that the applicant had a history of sexual abuse with small children so he should not be fired, however, the applicant did not have the history. If it cost the applicant the job, the applicant could sue the schoolteacher for slander.