What Are Examples of Republicanism?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are many examples of republicanism in current US politics, including separate powers of government and political liberty. Republicanism is an ideology that informs the members of a democratic republic. In this sense, the term republican is not indicative of conservative social values and free market principles that define the contemporary political definition of a republican. Instead, the term republican refers to an individual who is a member of a republic that upholds the values of this ideology.

The ideology of republicanism values political liberty and individuality, separate powers of government, civic participation with an emphasis on self-discipline and a reliance on none other than the individual self. In the United States, examples of these values are evident in the political system. The government maintains three distinct branches with separate powers: the judicial, the executive and the legislative. An example of civic participation is voting for elected leaders.

Moreover, Americans have long been associated with a sense of rugged individualism that is valued highly in republicanism. Other examples of republicanism are evident in the US economic system. Free market economic ideologies are built upon the ideas of republicanism and the belief that the government should not be able to control market forces.