What Are Examples of Pyramids Around the House?

Kurt Bauschardt/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Items that feature a pyramid shape can be found inside the house and can be a part of a house itself. For example, the roof on a home often features a pyramid-type design. Camping tents, when erected, can take the shape of a pyramid. The package of a Toblerone chocolate bar has a pyramid design. A cheese grater and a waffle cone resemble a pyramid.

Usually, a pyramid is a polygon that features a triangular base, although the prism-like design may feature a square base as well. The polygon itself is defined as a two-dimensional shape that is formed from straight lines that connect with one another to form an enclosed design. A pyramid shape is formed when a number of sides interconnect to form a point

Items that look like pyramids may be referred to geometrically as a triangular pyramid or square pyramid depending on whether their base is triangularly shaped or exhibits four equal sides.. However, because a pyramid is a polygon, it can be formed from several kinds of foundations. Therefore, pyramid figures can display rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal bases.

Pentagon bases display five sides while hexagonal and octagonal bases show six and eight sides respectively.

Polygons that are not pyramids which display seven sides are known as heptagons while polygons that feature nine or 10 sides are known as nonagons and decagons.