What Are Some Examples of Psychological Construct?

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Examples of psychological constructs are abilities, attitudes, personality traits and emotional states. A psychological construct can refer to a person’s self-esteem, athletic ability or political and religious views. Psychological constructs refer to the traits and qualities of a person that cannot be concretely identified by observation.

Unlike easily identifiable physical features, such as hair color or eye color, psychological constructs refer to a person’s tendencies to behave or feel a certain way. If someone is described as an introvert, it does not necessarily mean that the person behaves like an introvert at all times. Someone who is generally introverted might enjoy the occasional social gathering. Psychological construct simply refers to a general characteristic that cannot be observed directly.

Psychological construct is a type of psychological measurement. Psychological measurements are numbers assigned to represent and define the characteristics of a person. It cannot be measured like a concrete characteristic, such as weight or height. Psychological measurements are not performed by using tools or devices, but instead, they are determined by a series of questions and evaluations conducted by a qualified therapist or psychiatrist. There are different types of evaluations used to determine things, such as a person’s memory capacity or levels of depression or anxiety.