What Are Examples of Print Media?

Photo by Bhaskar Dutta/Moment/Getty Images

Magazines, newspapers, flyers, newsletters, scholarly journals and other materials that are physically printed on paper are examples of print media. Whereas print media was once much more prevalent, the advent of e-books, digital publishing tools and applications have caused many groups that typically created print media to begin publishing through digital channels.

Although there are some advantages to creating print media, creating digital media is typically much less expensive. There are no costs for paper, ink, publishing facilities or delivery. These cost savings may be passed on to readers, who often pay less for a digital subscription than they would for a print subscription.

An existing problem when relying on print as a primary medium is the inability to keep up with the news as it happens. By the time a news story is published and delivered in a print publication, the story may have updated significantly.

Newsweek is an example of a magazine that has struggled to balance print and digital operations. In 2012, Newsweek announced it would end its print version of the magazine and instead create a digital-only version of the magazine. However, less than a year later, Newsweek announced that it would reintroduce a printed version.