What Are Examples of Poor Communication?

Sending poorly written emails, using improper language skills and presenting unnecessary information for a particular situation are examples of poor communication skills. Additionally, failing to separate an issue or behavior from the person involved is an example of poor communication.

An example of poor communication in a work environment is sending an email that results in the transfer of unclear information due to poor writing. Additionally, not providing proper information may result in a lack of direction needed for an employee to complete his job correctly. Bad communication may involve giving a surplus of unimportant information that obscures the message an employee is supposed to receive.

Speaking too quickly or slowly or using words that are culture specific or too complex for others to understand are examples of poor communication. For example, a presentation may be unsuccessful if the audience loses interest because the presenter uses terms that the audience doesn’t understand.

An example of poor communication occurs when an ineffective communicator is emotionally hard on a person while failing to address the issue or behavior involved in the communication situation. Effective communicators know how to separate the person from the issue, not by making a situational personal, but instead by being tough on the issue involved.