What Are Examples of Picnic Games for Adults?

PJPhoto69/E+/Getty Images

Enjoyable picnic games for adults include croquet, charades, trivia, spoon racing and potato sack racing. Most of these games do not require expensive equipment and are easy to modify when kids and teens want to join the fun.

Croquet is the quintessential picnic game. It is ideal for small gatherings in places with clean, flat ground away from busy roads and parking lots. The size of a croquet game is limited by the number of mallets on hand. Having trivia challenges, charades and other games available ensures that nobody feels left out due to a mallet shortage. These games are convenient for guests with mobility restrictions and for those who prefer to sit and relax in the shade.

Energetic picnic guests love spoon racing and potato sack racing. Other suitable racing games include three-legged racing and crabwalking competitions. These activities are enjoyable on clear, breezy days when the ground is dry. Extra water or electrolyte beverages nearby encourage picnic attendees to take regular hydration breaks. Asking guests to wear or bring athletic shoes minimizes the risk of sprained ankles.

Picnic races are extremely versatile and accommodate groups of all sizes. At large gatherings, such as family reunions and corporate events, contestants should be grouped by age and athletic ability.