What Some Examples of Parent Letters?

One example of a parent letter is the welcome letter a teacher sends at the beginning of the school year. Another example is a weekly or monthly newsletter written to parents to chronicle what has been covered in class and alert them to any upcoming events.

A welcome letter is a way for a teacher to introduce himself to the students and parents. Welcome letters include the teacher’s contact information, a classroom behavior plan, the homework policy, the classroom supply list and a description of the teaching philosophy. The teacher may wish to include a short paragraph or section in the letter that contains some personal information, such as where the teacher lives, who is in his family and what his interests are.

Newsletters are another way teachers communicate with parents. These letters are sent out at the end of the week or end of the month with students and are returned the following school day with a parent’s signature or commentary. These letters contain information about what the students have learned since the last letter was sent out and what the student and parent can expect in the next week or month. Have the students keep each letter in one binder so there is record of consistent communication throughout the year.