What Are Examples of Ornamental Plants?


Examples of ornamental plants include the piedmont azalea, oleander, Carolina yellow jasmine, American wisteria and the pruneleaf azalea. These are showy plants that possess vibrant colors. Some ornamental plants produce fruit.

The piedmont azalea is a fragrant shrub that grows pink flowers that attract butterflies. It becomes more bushy as it gets more sun, but it can also survive in partial shade. Carolina yellow jasmine is another fragrant plant, and it is drought tolerant. It is a fast growing plant that grows yellow flowers in the shape of tubes. The pruneleaf azalea produces funnel-shaped flowers that are typically pink, orange or red. The oleander plant grows up to 20 feet in height, and its flowers are white, yellow, pink or red. The American wisteria plant is also fragrant and sprouts bluish-purple flowers.