What Are Some Examples of Opening and Closing Prayers?

Daniel Grill/Getty Images

According to Lord’s Prayer Words, an opening prayer should consist of an address to God, an expression of gratitude, a request and a closing of worship followed by an amen to acknowledge agreement between those present at the meeting. The Lord’s Prayer is considered a good closing prayer for a congregation to recite together. Lord’s Prayer Words and Prayers for Special Help provide sample opening and closing prayers.

An opening prayer can include statements: “Thank you for giving us this time together, Lord, and for blessing us to see another day.” These statements of gratitude can be followed by a request for God to allow the group to be receptive to wisdom, guidance, love and blessings.

A closing prayer can include statements like: “Thank you, Lord, for the words we have heard and the lessons we have learned here today.” The prayer should then go on to ask for strength to carry out the lessons learned and for a peaceful journey upon departure.

Prayer is one of the most mysterious aspects of the Christian life. Commandments to pray are found in Matthew 7:7-11, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and throughout the rest of the Bible. Compelling Truth notes that prayer is a privilege and draws Christians closer to God. It is a way to communicate, similar to the interaction of friends and family meant to deepen relationships: It is an intimate interaction with God.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes there is a special language of reverence and respect to use during prayer. Members are instructed not to address Heavenly Father the way they would address friends and fellow members. Instead, the words “thee,” “thou,” “thy” and “thine” should be used during prayer. In other languages, words suggesting closeness and love should be used.