What Are Examples of Netiquette?

One example of netiquette is to avoid writing in all capital letters. Writing in all capital letters is considered yelling online, and it is generally perceived as rude, according to New Republic magazine. Other examples include sharing expert knowledge with others, avoiding back-and-forth arguments and not being intrusive to other people’s privacy.

Generally, netiquette, a term used to describe network etiquette, deals with setting rules on the proper ways for Internet users to communicate online, according to Colorado State University in an article adapted from the book “Netiquette” by Virginia Shea. The website lists several basic netiquette rules that are commonly accepted as good protocol for using the Internet. These rules include treating people online as they would like to be treated in real life, remembering that the interactions involve real people, avoiding rude comments and following the protocols of whatever software or platform is being used.

Virginia Shea’s netiquette rules also include creating a favorable online appearance by being clear and concise in emails and using proper spelling and grammar. The reasoning is that common methods of initially assessing a person, such as tone of voice, dress or personal style are not available in an online setting, so impressions are made by the quality of a person’s communication skills.