What Are Some Examples of Multimedia Applications?

Multimedia applications include presentation software like Microsoft Presentation, animation software such as Motion Studio 3D or packages with multiple presentation possibilities like Adobe GoLive. Multimedia applications are computer programs that use a variety of media such as video, sound, still images and animated graphics for pre-recorded or live communications, especially mass communication. Some multimedia applications can even create some or all of the media elements used in creating multimedia presentations.

There are two broad categories of multimedia applications: linear and nonlinear. Linear multimedia applications are used to produce communications that have no built-in interactivity, such as an online presentation or a movie. Nonlinear multimedia applications integrate some form of interactivity, such as selection buttons or hyperlinks. These applications are often used for educational and computer-based testing purposes. Lines may be blurred between these two categories. For instance, Netflix offers streaming movies that sometimes have interactivity with web services like IMDB.

When choosing multimedia applications, one should consider several factors. The most important is the skill level of the user. While some multimedia applications, like Microsoft Presentations, have a short learning curve and are accessible with minimal training, others require significant programming or graphic-design skills. Other factors to consider include purpose of use, audience and delivery method.