What Are Examples of Morals?

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Examples of morals, both good and bad, are: telling the truth despite consequences, helping people in need even if it’s inconvenient or costly, intentionally misleading someone who trusts you and having an affair with someone who is married. Morals are standards of right and wrong that influence choice making and behavior. Morals have a greater social element than values and are less formal than professional ethics.

Morals can be derived through personal upbringing, cultural influence and comprehension of religious and spiritual principles. Knowing the difference between right and wrong begins developing early in childhood and constitutes a person’s moral fiber. Morality is often learned based on the determination of good and evil within cultural teachings imposed on an individual. Most religions and cults have lists of acceptable behaviors to which their followers are expected to adhere. Christianity, however, is based on values that go beyond social expectations and self-centered instincts. Christian values develop as a result of the relationship with the religion’s deity. Christians are expected to entertain good morals out of love and respect for their God and His commandments. All people have freewill to determine for themselves what is kind or cruel, forbidden or acceptable, selfish or generous.