What Are Some Examples of Mental Traits?

Examples of mental traits include mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, behavioral disorders like Narcissistic personality disorder, and behavior patterns in general which can function as complete or incomplete descriptions of a human personality. These traits are prevalent in human beings and inform much of daily behavior.

Borderline personality disorder is a descriptor applied to a collection of symptoms characterized by instability in emotional life and connection to others. This is a classic example of a mental trait, as it directly informs the individual’s behavior and is omnipresent in their interactions with others.

Mental traits can also be unobtrusive or mild. An individual could have compulsive tendencies that only manifest during periods of stress or in the presence of a specific trigger. They can also be overwhelmingly influential, such as a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, where a person’s every thought and action is heavily weighted with insecurity and a need to be seen as the most important, the most beautiful and the most central.

Mental traits combine to characterize the way that a human being acts. Traits perceived as normal are as diverse as kindness, selfishness and obliviousness, while in addition there is an ocean of perceived abnormal traits. These are often much more visible and can have a serious impact on behaviors and relationships.