What Are Some Examples of Mass Production?

Michael Utech/E+/Getty Images

The manufacturing of cars, guns and fast food are examples of mass production. Mass production is a method of producing goods in large quantities at a low cost per unit. The machine tool industry gave rise to the idea of mass production. Innovators in Britain and the United States began producing interchangeable parts.

Although Henry Ford invented an improved version of the assembly line, the first car to be mass produced

in the United States was the 1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Ransom Eli Olds conceived the basic concept of the assembly line and built 425 Curved Dash Oldsmobiles in 1901. He led the automotive manufacturing market from 1901 to 1904.

Henry Ford installed the first conveyor belt assembly line around 1913 or 1914. This production method reduced the building time of the Model T to just 93 minutes. Ford also became the world’s-largest car manufacturer, having produced more than 15 million Model Ts by 1927.

The fast food industry uses mass production to provide consistent experiences from one location to another. Food is mass-produced and frozen, and natural and artificial flavors are added at the factory. Equipment is the same from one kitchen to the next, and food is cooked exactly the same.