What Are Examples of Good Communication Skills?

Good communication skills consist of verbal and non-verbal modes of transferring information to another person as well as active listening skills to absorb what others are communicating. One primary example of good communication skills involves not only hearing what another person has to say but also listening actively with verbal and nonverbal affirmations, such as head nods, agreements verbally and direct eye contact.

Non-verbal communication, such as facing your body toward another while he is communicating and displaying a relaxed stance encourages others to communicate more freely. Good communicators avoid crossing arms or diverting their eye contact while conversing with people. Maintaining a friendly tone is also a good communication skill. Even when disagreements occur, people with good communication skills cordially and concisely discuss the issue with others and when necessary, politely agree to disagree. Keeping an open mind and resisting the urge to give in to quick judgments are clear signs of effective communicators.

When a person is willing to actively listen to others without allowing bias or personal feelings taint the discussion, he is able to comprehend more clearly the message. Good communication skills also involve displaying confidence and passion in what an individual wants to communicate, as well as empathy for others when listening.