What Are Examples of General Purpose Software?

Examples of general purpose software are spreadsheets, data processors, desktop publishing software, databases and statistics applications. Other software includes bookkeeping software, communication packages, Web-design packages, and graphics and drawing software.

Also referred to as generic programs, a general-purpose software is designed for the general use of ordinary computer users. The software is popular and is most commonly used in schools, colleges, hospitals, businesses, industries and other commercial centers.

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook are examples of general purpose software. One of the biggest advantages of this type of software is that, unlike specialized software, it is cheap and easily available from most local computer software shops. The fact that the software has been used for a long time means developers update it from time to time. For example, modern data processors are more improved than those used a decade ago. Another benefit is that general purpose software comes with support for the user in terms of guides, books, online help and user discussion platforms on the Internet.

Utility software includes computer backup programs, anti-virus programs and disk checkers. The software is customized to perform certain duties of a specific company. They are produced where general purpose software cannot do the functions desired by a particular company.