What Are Some Examples of Funny Disclaimers?

Examples of funny disclaimers include a warning sign from a hot dog vendor that claims that if patrons choke on hot dogs, “it is natural selection and the management is not responsible” and a sticker on a seedless watermelon, warning that the watermelon “may contain seeds.” The latter is ironic, because the disclaimer warns that the product may actually be the opposite of what it is advertised as.

Another example of a funny disclaimer is a giant sign with a picture of a hot dog in an aisle at Ikea, with a warning in the corner that this is not the actual size. It is funny, because it is absurd that someone would think that the hot dog would be that big.

A disclaimer on the popular party game Cards Against Humanity warns that the game “is a work of satire.” It encourages people to direct any complaints or legal threats to Former Vice President Dick Cheney.

A further example can be found on a poster advertising breakfast pockets. The poster reads, “In a blind taste test, hungry people chose a hot breakfast over cold cereal 90% of the time.” Underneath the quote is a disclaimer reading, “Not based on a fact.” It is funny, because the fact that it is not based on actual research discredits the entire phrase.