What Are Examples of Fortified Cereals?

Most General Mills brand cereals are examples of cereals fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Kellog’s is another example of a fortified cereal brand. Specific examples include Cheerios, Kashi Go Lean, All Bran and its variations, Life and the various Shredded Wheat cereals. Any cereal with added vitamins and minerals is considered a fortified cereal.

The term fortified cereal can also extend to oatmeal, cream of wheat and any other instant or reconstituted cereal. Quaker Oats also comes in several specific fortified varieties.

Food fortification and the fortification of breakfast cereals are relatively common practices that began in the 1950s. Fortification adds vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, to the grains the cereals are made with, enriching them with nutrients that were not present in the original plant matter or were removed as a part of the manufacturing process.

When shopping for the best fortified cereal, it’s important for consumers to take note of the serving size listed on the box. Serving sizes vary between brands, so adjustments may be necessary to compare the amount of added nutrition. One cereal may seem to have more of the vitamins and minerals listed on the box but, in reality, simply have a much larger serving size.