What Are Examples of Some Filipino Beliefs?

The Filipino people have various folk beliefs related to health, relationships, money, luck, animals, childbirth and children, including the beliefs that seeing a white butterfly means a person will gain wealth, craving sweet foods means a woman will give birth to a baby girl and using prayer and massage for faster healing. There are also several cultural beliefs on respecting elders.

Children sometimes use the words “mama,” “opo,” “po” and “papa” to show respect to their elders, and they may often take care of their parents when they age. Some other folk beliefs are that paying debts at night will lead to poverty, having an itchy palm means money is coming and using a coin found on the road leads to a shortage of money. It’s also common for women to not use medications during childbirth due to a belief that pain comes from god, and for the father to take care of both mother and child for a month after delivery.