What Are Examples of Feature Stories?

Many feature stories are recorded in the online archives of magazines and newspapers. A feature story is a piece of in-depth journalism. It differs from headline journalism in the length of the piece and the level of detail given to the subject. Feature stories got their name from the “feature” section in which these types of articles previously appeared. Another term used to categorize feature writing is “longform journalism.”

Feature stories are having a renaissance online because word count is no longer a restriction. A feature story can be distinguished from other forms of journalism because it does not follow the “inverted pyramid” model. In most news stories, the most important facts are at the beginning of the story, with additional details being filled in as the piece goes along. In a feature story, the structure may be more like fiction, with information withheld from the reader to keep their interest. A feature story is usually about a person, place, event or organization. It is a detailed examination of the topic, rather than a broad overview of several things related to that topic. Many features are interviews that have been written into a story format. Features that fit this format are also called profiles.