What Are Some Examples of Feature Articles?

Feature articles look at news stories in-depth rather than delivering breaking news. One example is a human interest story that discusses someone’s experiences.

Other feature article examples include:

  • Profile articles look at a person’s character and background, then profile them accordingly. The idea is to help the reader get to know the subject via different aspects of their character.
  • How-to articles guide the reader through an experience or help them resolve a problem.
  • Historical feature articles take the reader back to an event so they can explore it. They may commemorate important dates or look at important turning points in a society’s past. Sometimes, they compare the past with the present.
  • Seasonal feature articles address issues that occur at particular times of year. For example, a seasonal business feature article may address issues commonly associated with tax season. Seasonal articles also include holiday periods and serious matters that only occur at certain times.
  • Behind-the-scenes feature articles give the reader a chance to explore an industry or process to which they are not usually privy. This can include unusual events and issues as well as elements of society that usually remain secretive.

When writing feature articles, journalists spend a lot of time researching facts and data. They may also make an effort to gather quotes and anecdotes from people who have lived through the experience or event they are featuring. It is important to avoid telling the article’s story until there is sufficient material available.