What Are Examples of Father of the Bride Speeches?

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An example of a father of the bride speech at a wedding includes a general welcome to the wedding guests, details about the father’s love for his daughter and examples of their bond, information about his thoughts of the groom, advice on marriage and a toast to the couple. A father of the bride may begin the speech with reflections such as “I always knew my daughter would find love.”

When presenting a toast as the father of the bride, genuine thoughts about the future care for his daughter are often included in the speech. For example, the father of the bride may say, “My daughter is a caring, loving and nurturing individual, and I know she has met her match who can provide her with the same love, care and nurturing” when toasting the couple.

Additional reflections about the couple may include the father’s first impressions of the groom, the qualities he admires in his daughter’s new husband and the hopes he has for them as a newly married couple. Often, the father of the bride also reflects upon the blessings he has within his own marriage. For example, he may say, “I have been married to my beautiful wife for 25 years and hope my daughter and her husband experience the same joy we have throughout the years.”