What Are Examples of Electronic Media?

Blend Images – Inti St Clair/Stone/Getty Images

Electronic media is media that uses electricity, including television, radio, the Internet, fax, CD-ROMs, DVDS and online video streaming. It includes any medium that uses the digital or electronic encoding of information. Most new media forms are digital media, but electronic media can be analog electronic data or digital electronic data.

The earliest form of electronic media was the telegraph in 1795. The telephone came in 1849, followed by the radio in 1897 and the Internet in 1963. Electronic media examples also include neon, LED, computer monitors, films, RAM, barcodes, audio recordings and video recordings. Electronic media has many uses including journalism, news, marketing, education, engineering, digital art, virtual reality, entertainment, transportation and military purposes.

Electronic media offers many advantages and disadvantages to consumers. There is a better working memory for history, and huge steps are taken every day within medical, scientific and technological fields. But with the ever-changing nature of the world, news is often reported before the full truth is exposed. In addition, members of younger generations are often finding themselves in trouble because of what they publish via electronic media, not realizing that it will never truly disappear. Several studies have shown that relying on electronic media has actually changed the way humans learn.