What Are Examples of Different Types of Peer Pressure?

sturti/E+/Getty Images

Peer pressure is a factor in everyone’s life, including both spoken and unspoken peer pressure. While many people do not realize it, peer pressure can be both a positive and negative influence in someone’s life.

Spoken peer pressure is also referred to as “direct” peer pressure. In this case, a person or group of people confronts someone, taunting them to join in an activity. This can make that person feel guilty about not joining in, or feel like they don’t fit in because of their choices. Unspoken or “indirect” peer pressure involves unspoken messages. For example, a group of “cool kids” wears a certain type of designer jeans, making others feel like they aren’t as good or don’t belong. A student openly choosing not join in bashing someone else, giving encouragement to others to make the right choice, is an example of positive peer pressure.