What Are Examples of Democratic Leaders?

Central Press/Getty Images

A couple of famous U.S. democratic leaders include Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Both men exhibited general qualities necessary to be a democratic leader. Those qualities include the ability to give everyone a voice and to encourage creativity.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only United States president ever to have served more than two terms. Roosevelt took office during the great depression and remained president until his death in 1945. In total, he served as commander-in-chief for 12 years. During that time, he created organizations and programs to assist American workers in finding jobs. Those programs ultimately helped the United States pull out of the depression. John F. Kennedy was a proponent of the civil rights movement. Although it was Johnson who signed many civil rights-related legislation into law after Kennedy’s death, it was Kennedy who adopted the cause and worked fervently to improve race relations and insure equality for all in the United States. Although both of these leaders were democrats, a democratic leader is not necessarily a democrat. The three primary qualities that make anyone, regardless of political affiliation, a democratic leader are the generation and sharing of ideas among the people, involvement of people in decisions and the encouragement of creativity in problem solving.