What Are Examples of Cylinders?

Examples of cylinders in everyday life include food tins, drink cans, candles, toilet paper rolls, cups, aerosol cans, flower vases, test tubes, fire extinguishers, plant containers, salt shakers and pencil holders. Other examples include chalk, lipstick containers, cooking gas cylinders, toothpick holders, thermos flasks and petroleum jelly containers.

A cylinder is any round-shaped object with a circular base and straight sides. The volume of a cylinder is the product of the area of the base and its height. The surface area of a closed cylinder is obtained by adding the surface area of the top, the bottom and the side. While a cylinder can have longer sides than its diameter, other cylinders have shorter sides than their diameter.

A cylinder whose cross-section is an ellipse is referred to as an elliptic cylinder, while one whose cross-section is a parabola is a parabolic cylinder. On the other hand, one whose cross-section is a hyperbola is called a hyperbolic cylinder.

There are innumerable examples of cylinders in everyday life. While some tree trunks are circular in shape, they can also be said to be cylindrical. Similarly, one can see cylindrical objects in motor vehicles. For example, the ignition cylinder of a motor vehicle is a circular shaped device. In addition, tires are cylinders because they have a circular base and a height.