What Are Some Examples of Cylinder-Shaped Objects?

Anton Fomkin/CC-BY 2.0

A few objects shaped like a cylinder include a battery, a toilet paper roll, an aerosol can and many glasses and cups. A cylinder is a three-dimensional object with two round bases and straight sides

Vases, jars and plant containers can be cylindrical, although sometimes the sides taper in or out. Straight pieces of tubing or pipes are also cylinders. Many candles, whether they are votives, elongated dinner candles, wide, long-lasting, scented ones, or individual birthday-cake candles, are cylinders as well. Many pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, soft-drink cans, spools of thread, poles, test tubes, fire extinguishers, wires and even coins are basically cylinders. Graduated cylinders are also cylindrical. Yo-yos, lipstick containers, chalk, water bottles, salt shakers, medicine bottles, desktop pencil holders and round boxes are other examples of cylinders. Flower stems, tree trunks and roots generally have cylindrical shapes. Pistons are cylinders that are a vital component to any reciprocating engine. Even though tires are often thought to be round, they are cylindrical because their sides are flat.

In a cylinder, the sides can be longer than the diameter, in which case it will be long and thin, or the diameter of the bases can be longer than the sides, in which case it will be short and wide.