What Are Examples of Cultural Convergence?

Some examples of cultural convergence are the use of technology, participation in global sports and the English language. Cultural convergence occurs when multiple cultures become more like one another through exposure to traditions, ideals and languages. It’s important to remember that cultural convergence is not a piece of media that blends cultures together to make an artistic vision like Star Wars or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cultural convergence is a natural phenomenon, a gradual shift.

The language you’re reading this in, English, is an example of cultural convergence. For decades, the United States was the center of international business. Everyone in the world learned English to compete in its market. Americans travelled to other countries to teach English. The diffusion of the language led to the exchange of cultural practices, causing a convergence. Today, people are learning Mandarin for similar reasons.

If you’re looking for more cultural convergence examples, we have 5 examples of cultural convergence below.

5 examples of cultural convergence:

  • Global sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup are examples of cultural convergence. Sports have been adopted into different cultures and societies. A soccer ball is one of the most recognizable items in the world thanks for cultural convergence.

  • Technology is another example of cultural convergence. In many languages, a product name or technological function will often become the word in their language despite not sounding originally from that language. “E-mail,” “computer,” and “Apple” are used in languages all over the world. Online, humans can interact with each other in different ways. Sometimes new languages are formed (lol!).

  • The Dissolution of the Soviet Union exemplifies cultural convergence. Governments in countries all over the world changed almost overnight. Democracy, an originally Greek practice, is now practiced in many former Soviet Union countries.

  • In popular culture, anime is an example of cultural convergence. Initially touted as something strictly Japanese made early consumers of anime and manga labeled as “weird” in way. Nowadays, animation is doing better than ever. More anime is being produced than ever and there are two popular streaming services dedicated specifically to anime (Crunchyroll and Funimation). Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and dedicated anime libraries and have even made original content themselves.

  • Colleges and many other institutions of higher learning are a terrific example of cultural convergence. People from different states and countries come together with the intention of learning. How people interact with education can vary, but at many schools, people learn more from other students than they do from some classes.

What is cultural convergence? Ultimately, it’s an embrace of another culture or inviting someone to appreciate your own culture but on a bigger level. The “melting pot” metaphor people use to describe the United States is the epitome of this. It’s important to educate yourself and be as open minded as the world becomes more and more accessible. You never know what cultural practices you might pick up next.