What Are Examples of Cultural Convergence?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 25, 2020 2:36:19 PM ET

Some examples of cultural convergence are the use of technology, participation in global sports and the English language. Cultural convergence occurs when multiple cultures become more like one another through exposure to traditions, ideals and languages. The United States often participates in cultural convergence when it assists a country in developing a democratic government. The move of former USSR countries from Communism to democracy is an example of cultural convergence.

Technology is a key example of cultural convergence in that it both facilitates the convergence and its use is a product of said convergence. Youth from a variety of cultures interact with social media and information sites on the Internet. Global companies use the Internet for research, marketing and adapting to their customers' needs. A technology-caused generation gap exists in many cultures. In these ways, Japanese culture mirrors the culture of the United States.

Cultural convergence occurred through the spread of the English language. For decades, the United States was the center of international business. Everyone in the world learned English to compete in its market. Americans travelled to other countries to teach English. The diffusion of the language led to the exchange of cultural practices, causing a convergence.

Cultural convergence also occurs at international sports events where fans and athletes alike learn the different expectations and practices of spectators and competitors. Cultures begin to converge to determine appropriate methods for displaying respect in these international venues.