What Are Examples of Construction Technology?

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Examples of construction technology include plumbing, construction management, green standards for buildings, refrigeration, electrical wiring, and heating and air conditioning. Construction technologists work in various aspects of building construction and often serve as managers. Many become licensed building contractors.

Construction technologists must understand the entire building process, beginning with the design phase. Formal design teams, including civil engineers and surveyors, create detailed specifications and drawings before construction begins. Large building projects must be financed and must meet all requirements for zoning and building codes. In the procurement phase, construction proceeds through one of several methods. Traditionally, an engineer or architect serves as project coordinator and works with contractors. In the design-build method, one company provides both design and building services to complete a structure. Under the management procurement method, a client negotiates separate contracts with a designer, individual construction contractors and an independent construction manager.

Students in college construction technology programs gain an overview of the construction process through the study of specialized topics, including site inspections, management of construction workers, plans and specifications, building codes, construction techniques and structural engineering. Individuals who earn degrees in construction technology sometimes work in individual skilled trades in commercial, industrial, government and residential construction. Some graduates work for home improvement centers. Construction technology programs are typically offered through community colleges.