What Are Some Examples of Consonance Within the Poem “The Raven?”

Some examples of consonance within “The Raven” include “weak,” and “weary,” and “nodded,” “nearly” and “napping.” Consonance is defined as the repetition of consonant sounds either within the lines of a poem, or at the end of a line.

There are many examples of consonance within the poem “The Raven.” One of these is the line including “nodded,” “nearly” and “napping”. Another is “weak” and “weary” within another line of the poem. Though they are the same words, “rapping, rapping” is a good example of consonance. This is defined as having repeating consonant sounds throughout a poem, specifically within the lines themselves or at the ends of the lines. There also is some assonance within “The Raven.” One example is “over” “forgotten” and “lore.” Assonance is when vowel sounds are repeated within the same line. This is a popular literary element to be used in poems.