What Are Examples of Computer Output Devices?

Examples of computer output devices include a display monitor, speakers, headphones, and a printer. Other common output devices include a projector, sound card, video card or television. To be considered a computer output device, the periphery device must be able to receive data from a computer.

A monitor is one of the most common computer output devices as it provides a medium through which data can be viewed from a desktop computer. Monitors can also vary in size and are available in both standard and high definition. Monitors can be either LCD or LED and have touch screen functionality built in.

Another common computer output device is a printer. A printer allows data from a computer to be displayed in physical form. 3D printers are also available that can create three dimensional physical versions of objects that are rendered inside the computer.

Speakers or headphones are computer output devices that allow for songs and audio files to be audibly played. A speaker allows audio data in the computer to be played in the physical world in an auditory format.

While devices such as a DVD drive or CD-Rom are also connected to the computer, these devices provide data to the computer and are considered storage instead of output devices.