What Are Some Examples of Communication Hardware?

Some examples of communication hardware are modems, routers, Wi-Fi cards, network interface cards, Internet adapters, access points and network connectors. Communication hardware refers to any device that is able to transmit either analogue or digital signals over a communication cable, telephone or via wireless technology. These devices are installed into the internal memory of a computer or as a peripheral.

A network interface card is a type of communication hardware that enables computer users to communicate with a server or with other computers. Similarly, Wi-Fi cards allow users to access the Internet while seated at a desk or when moving. The modem is a widely used communication hardware device both at residential places and in offices.

Because communication hardware devices enable individuals to communicate through a computer network, Internet-enabled devices, such as smart phones, iPads, iPhones and tablets, are also in this category. For communication to begin, various settings need to be applied. These settings are essential for a user to establish a connection with service providers. However, even with the proper configuration of system settings, users may encounter connection challenges. To diagnose problems, one needs to properly connect cables if he is using wired connectivity. Similarly, the computer needs to have the proper drivers installed. Some communication hardware needs suitable drivers to be updated in the computer regularly.