What Are Some Examples of Cebuano Riddles?

One example of a Cebuano riddle is, “Gipalit ko bisan ug mahal, apan magpulos lamang ug magbitay.” Translated, this means, “I bought it, and it’s costly. However, I use it for hanging only.” The answer to this riddle is earrings.

The Cebuano language is called Visayan in English. Another Visayan riddle is, “Na-ay kaban sa pari, ukbon dili mauli,” which translates to, “There’s a priest’s trunk, but when opened, it could not be closed.” The answer to this riddle is egg.

Cebuano is the language spoken by about 21 million people in the Philippines as of 2007, making it the second-most-spoken language in the country next to Tagalog, or Filipino. Cebuano got its name from Cebu, an island in Central Visayas with a total area of 1,908.78 square miles.