What Are Some Examples of Americanization?

An example used by many experts when discussing Americanization is the visibility of American fast food restaurants in other countries. Another example is the influx of American music, television programming and movies into other cultures.

Americanization is not necessarily prominent. It is also subtle influences the American culture has on others such as the adoption of popular American terms or phrases or an affinity for popular American retail brands. Americanization is simply the infusion of elements of American culture into other cultures.

Experts debate the fine line between Americanization and globalization. Globalization is, theoretically, the integration of cultures around the globe. A common argument, however, is that many things that have been attributed to globalization are actually Americanization because they represent American cultural values.

The debate is spawned by the reach of the United States as a leading global economy and how much of that reach is influx versus adaptation. The argument that globalization is not synonymous with Americanization is that since the United States has long been the leading superpower in the world, others have naturally wanted to emulate American ideas, habits and culture, so countries willfully adapt, which is globalization. The opposition argument, however, is that Americanization is nothing more than the imperialistic forcing of American culture on other countries in order to maintain influence.