What Are Some Examples of Accounting Software Applications?

ONOKY – Eric Audras/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

According to the Houston Chronicle, there are several types of accounting software, which include commercial accounting software such as QuickBooks by Intuit, enterprise accounting software and custom accounting software. Businesses develop their own custom accounting software that reflect their unique accounting practices, which is driven in some cases by the lack of commercial accounting software that meet their needs. Other examples of accounting software packages may be found online.

The size of a business determines the accounting software it uses with software applications, such as Sage One being an appropriate application for very small businesses, while QuickBooks is designed for larger businesses. Commercial accounting software applications are designed to meet the needs of most businesses, and most of them can be customized to meet the specific accounting requirements of an organization.

Some accounting software packages such as QuickBooks are offered as donations for nonprofits by their publishers. The core modules found in accounting software packages include accounts receivable, accounts payable and the general ledger. The accounts receivable component is designated for the company to post transactions where it receives money, while the accounts payable program demonstrates the business payments made. The general ledger refers to the company’s books, and the billing module is used for generating customer invoices.